Friday, June 2, 2017

A Great Year

We had a great last week together sharing in favorite activities, songs, poems, books, friendships, playground games and more!

As the year comes to a close, we want to say THANK YOU.  Thank you for sharing your wonderful children with us each day.  When they arrived last fall, we greeted them where they were, carefully observed them as learners, and guided them to reach their fullest potential.  Today, we see happy children who are inquisitive, trusting and eager to learn.  We hope that we have prepared a path for them to be lifelong learners!

We also hope that we have added another link to your lives.  We have enjoyed working with you and and appreciate your insights, actions, support and most of all, for your ability to listen to our input.

So much has been accomplished this year and we celebrate together!

Thank you again for an amazing year!
Have a wonderful summer!

Friday, May 26, 2017

A Wonderful Week!

We can't believe there is just one more week of school left!  These kids have grown in so many ways and we couldn't be more proud of them.  We are enjoying every minute of our last weeks together.  This week, we had our final religion class, Lower School chapel, gathering with our third grade buddies and a make your own "yogurt parfait party" on the playground with all of the preschoolers for a fun breakfast morning celebration together.

Weekly highlights...

The children are enjoying playing with different sizes of PVC pipes on the playground.  They have discovered they can not only build with them...but they can also be musical instruments!

On Tuesday morning, we had our final gathering with our third grade buddies.  It was a real treat for the preschoolers to go play on the 2-3-4 playground!  We have had so much playing, learning and growing with our buddies this year.  The 3rd graders have been excellent mentors and friends to the preschoolers!

What a great year we have had with our buddies!

On Wednesday morning, all the preschoolers had a make your own "yogurt parfait party" on the playground!  It was a great way to start the morning and celebrate all of the fun we have had together as a group.

That same afternoon, Tom Hegg's middle school students came and performed two children's books they turned into plays.  The middle schoolers created and organized the plays themselves and the preschoolers were enthralled by their performances.  In fact, they were inspired and have been creating their own "plays" in the classroom and on the playground!

One group creating their own play...

We had fun doing some scientific thinking this week when we did an experiment with things that sink and things that float.  We started by talking about what it means when something sinks or floats, and made predictions about each object we were going to test.  Each child was given an object to make a guess about and discussed their predictions with a friend.  Afterward, each child got to come up and test their object.  It was very exciting to watch and some of the results surprised us!

The children also did some thinking about why some objects might float and others sink.  Their ideas consisted of the weight of the object, the shape, size, material it's made out of, how much air is inside the object and more.  What surprised them the most was when they wanted to see if the plastic egg would still float if we put something heavy inside it.  To their did!

Making predictions about their objects...

Ready to test them out...


Afterward, the children wanted to keep finding more objects to do the sink or float experiment with.  We let them each find an object around the room to test out too.  Once again, they were surprised by their findings!  Here they are...


We ended the week with puppet shows and building in the project room space we have loved so much this year!

Dates to Remember:

Monday, May 29th- No School- Memorial Day

Friday, June 2nd- Lower School Closing Program and Reception at 1:30 
*This is a semi-dressy event for students.  Just like the Holiday Concert, the children will sit with their class and you can meet them in the classroom following the show.  A reception will follow on the Chapel Green.

Have a wonderful long weekend!