Friday, May 12, 2017

Moving through May!

I love Spring 
For every day
There's something new
That's come to stay.
Another bud
Another bird
Another blade
The sun has stirred!

We continue to move through our month of May and enjoy the gorgeous spring weather.  The children comment about new things they see outside everyday such as flowers, buds, green grass, bugs and more birds at our feeder!  We remain busy learning about farming, but also spent time this week preparing for a special holiday coming up this weekend...Mother's Day!  

Weekly highlights...

On Monday morning we reviewed what we had learned last week about farm animals and what they provide for us.  Afterward, we made a class graph of our favorite!  The children all had different reasons for why they liked a certain animal best.  We did some mathematical thinking as we interpreted the data on our graph.

As you can see chicken was the overall class favorite!  They also really like sheep too, which came in a close second.  They like that chickens provide us eggs and sheep give us wool.  They are very excited to see some real animals at Gale Woods Farm next week.

We reviewed what it means to measure something.  The children spent time measuring the lengths of different farm animals with uni-fix cubes.  We made predictions, counted, compared our findings and wrote the number of the actual measurement!  Fun with measuring...


We also completed a syllable sorting activity with farm vocabulary words...

The children enjoyed a new word hunt that was set up around the room.  They have loved these throughout the year and frequently ask for "scavenger hunts"!  For this hunt, the children had to look at the picture and the written word to figure out whether there was a beginning, middling or ending sound missing.  They had to practice saying the word out loud to hear the missing sound and then write the word on their paper including the sound that was missing.  It was challenging but they did great!  They used "teamwork" to figure out the missing sounds too. They are hoping for a new "scavenger word hunt" to be up next week!

The children have especially loved the addition of a cash register and other restaurant items to our dramatic play center.  They have been busy using pretend money to count, add and purchase goods.  Their imaginations have taken them to restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries and more.  We love watching them walk around the room, pretending to take "orders" and use their knowledge of letter sounds to write each specific order.  They also count and add money!  A perfect of example of "playful learning"!


We started our final project room challenge.  We thought it would be fun to end the year with the exact same challenge we started the year with, which was "Can you build Breck School?"  We first joined as a group and thought all the way to the start of the year, talking about all our fun challenges...

Afterward, the children were eager to build Breck school again, but this time through a new lens!  They have now been here all year and could immediately think of more locations, rooms and important places in Breck than they could at the start of the year.  Their ability to collaborate, use words to express ideas, compromise and overall "be flexible" in a project based learning experience has grown immensely since the start of the year.  Here is just the beginning of this challenge...

We will complete our final "Breck School" next week.  The children are eager to create labels and signs with their work!  

We continued our work with robots in STEAM.  This week, each child got the chance to program a path for the robot to move around in.

As we are finishing up our last month of school, we have been talking about our favorite preschool memories.  During our morning meeting, we all closed are eyes and "pictured" a favorite memory from the year, trying to think of as many details as possible.  Afterward, we went around and shared them with each other.  The children shared everything from field trips, class projects, the playground, specialists and more.  They each decorated a paper t-shirt with one of their favorite preschool memories and wrote the words with it as well.  Afterward, they water colored them.  We are "hanging up our favorite preschool memories!"  Here are they are...



We are loving our final weeks with this great group of preschoolers!  

Please remember that next Thursday, May 18th is our final field trip to Gale Woods Farm.  It is an all outdoor field trip so please dress your child for the weather.  We go rain or shine.  Closed toe shoes are required!  Thank you!

Dates to Remember:

Thursday, May 18th- Field Trip to Gale Woods Farm 

Monday, May 29th- No School- Memorial Day

Friday, June 2nd- Lower School Closing Program and Reception at 1:30 

Have a delightful weekend!


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