Friday, May 5, 2017

Happy May!

May is here!  Wow....we still can't believe how fast this year is going. We are excited to make May the best month yet!

We are happy the sun is shining finally feels like Spring!

Weekly highlights...

Last week we studied the book One-Dog Canoe.  The children love this story and ask to re-read it frequently!  Monday, we verbally re-told the story as a class, to see if we could remember the details.  Afterward, we became the characters and used props to help re-tell the story.  Before acting it out, we built a pretend canoe out of red blocks (since the canoe is red in the story).  Next, each child chose a character and we acted out the entire book.  The children used all of the repetitive phrases from the book and practiced acting out the new vocabulary words we had learned such as peered, bounded and bailed.  We re-told the story a few times so the children could have the chance to be different characters.  What fun!

Our very favorite class song lately has been "Down by the Bay".  The children love singing it along with the book and especially enjoy the silly rhymes.  Lately, their favorite thing when we sing the song has been to make up their own silly rhyming sentences.  We decided to turn our own silly rhymes into a "Down by the Bay" class book.  It is our final class book of the year...and the new favorite of course! A few examples of our silly rhymes...

Did you ever see a whale delivering mail?

Did you ever see a mouse carrying a house?

Did you ever seen a polka-dot whale with a rainbow tail?

Did you ever see a cat wearing a hat?

Down by the Bay!

We started talking more about farming this week.  We discussed different crops we might see growing on a farm in Minnesota and many of the children thought of corn.  We talked about other things that can grow in Minnesota too, which the children shared were basil, apples, beans, pumpkins, apples and more.  They made connections to a few of our field trips and studies in the fall, which was fun!  We also discussed certain things that can't grow in Minnesota such as oranges and lemons because Minnesota gets too cold.  This discussion led to different jobs on the farm and machines that farmers need to help them.  We look forward to seeing a real farm in action in a few weeks!

The children are very inquisitive about farm animals and we have been learning about their importance.  We read books about pigs, cows, chickens and sheep to name a few.  These are all animals we will get to see when we visit Gale Woods Farm!   We made a cow for our final glyph project of the year that included information they have learned about cows and other farm animals.  These projects have strengthened their literacy, math, data analysis, small motor skills and more.  Plus, they love them!  We didn't get them all completed today, but here are some examples...



They also still love imaginary play with the farm and lately have been incorporating things they have learned about farming as they play....


We read the book Farm Shapes by Lois Ehlert, which includes illustrations of farm animals made from different shapes.  Afterward, we completed a cutting challenge with scissors!  We had to cut out circles of three different sizes, triangles and rectangles and turn those shapes into a pig.  It was fun to look at how different shapes can be placed together to create new pictures.  Their cutting skills have sure improved since the start of the year, shown through their ability to cut out all of the different shapes independently!  The kids have been calling their pigs "perfect" just like the piglet Farmer Nelson brought.  A few examples...

On Thursday morning, we took a beautiful walk on our campus.  We stopped to see the tipi that a Breck family so kindly shared with our community.  The children explored inside it and loved  looking at the beautiful paintings on the outside.  They were amazed by the large sticks holding it up and thought it was really tall!


Our final CARE theme for the month is collaboration and being defined in Lower School as "Working together with others for a common goal" and "Together we can!"  The preschoolers have become excellent collaborators this year through working together on many challenges in the preschool project room and in the classroom.  They have grown in their ability to listen to others thoughts and ideas, problem solve compromise and demonstrate teamwork.  They have found that when they work together, wonderful things can happen!  This has also been a recent topic of discussion through studying the book Stone Soup.  Next week, we will start our final collaborative project with both preschool rooms.

Happy "Wacky Friday"!  The preschoolers sure loved dressing "wacky" today!  A great ending to a wonderful week.

Dates to Remember:

Thursday, May 18th- Field Trip to Gale Woods Farm

Monday, May 29th- No School- Memorial Day

Friday, June 2nd- Lower School Closing Program and Reception at 1:30 

Enjoy the beautiful, Spring weekend!


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