Thursday, April 13, 2017

Grow, Seeds, Grow!

This week was all about seeds, planting and how things grow.  On Monday, the children were eager to check their grass seeds they had planted last week.  They were excited to see that over the weekend their grass had grown!  It only took 5 days!  We continue to water it and watch it grow taller and taller.

Checking out our grass seeds...


They think they might need to give their grass a "hair cut" soon!

Weekly highlights...

After seeing the grass grow, the children were ready to do even more planting.  We reviewed what plants need to grow, which they know is water, sun, soil and air.  They learned more about the parts that grow from a seed too, such as roots, shoot, stem, leaves, plant, flower and fruit.  They each got to plan their own pot of basil seeds and are excited to watch these grow!  We have been checking on our basil seeds everyday and are making sure they are getting plenty of water, air and sunlight.

Preschool gardeners...

In order to learn more about what is happening when a seed is underneath the soil, we also planted bean seeds.  We planted these seeds a little differently though, using a wet paper towel and plastic baggies to make a home for them.  This is a fun experiment that allows the children to watch what happens to a seed when it is in the soil, as they can see the roots and shoot begin to grow.  They are calling the seeds their "bean buddies" and are going to give them lots of love and attention to help them grow!  Here are the before pictures with our bean buddies...

All ready to starting growing...

We have also been busy sequencing and telling the story of how a plant grows.  They loved completing this big (and very tricky!) floor puzzle and telling the story of bean to plant.  A few examples...


On Wednesday morning, we had a special visit from our favorite farmer, Farmer Nelson!  He also came in the fall when he brought Tom the Turkey.  This time he came to kick off our farming studies and he brought Perfect the Pig.  Farmer Nelson taught the children all sorts of information about pigs, including how big they grow, what they eat, how they keep their bodies cool, how they walk and more.  Everyone's favorite part was when they all got to sit together in a big circle, making a fence for Perfect.  Perfect had fun running around in the middle of the circle, kicking up his feet, squealing and occasionally stopping to sniff the preschoolers shoes!  The children laughed with delight!  Afterward, they all got to pet Perfect as well.


We look forward to our farming studies and a visit to Galewoods Farm on Thursday, May 18th!

We had our first official STEAM class with Mrs. Jones this week, which revolved around the art process called "pulp painting".  STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics and uses all of these facets for guiding student inquiry.  The end result is that children are engaged in opportunities where they take risks, problem solve, collaborate and work through the creative process to name a few.

Before spring break the preschoolers did an author study on Denise Fleming in library class.  She uses pulp painting for all of her illustrations, which is a very unique art form.  Basically, Denise Fleming makes her own paper of different colors and places it together in the shapes and forms she wants for her illustrations.  Real pulp painting is a very tedious and messy process, so Mrs. Jones taught the children a more simplified version.  They each drew shapes on a canvas and had rip up tissue paper into small little pieces.  They dipped the small little pieces of tissue paper in water and started filling in the shapes on their canvas.  Once the tissue dries, is forms together and creates an entirely new picture.  The children worked so quietly on their "pulp painting" and look forward to finishing them next week.

They were also introduced to an app called Kodable that teaches the concept of computer coding in kid friendly ways.  Throughout our STEAM focus with Mrs. Jones, the preschoolers will also participate in a few different coding activities.

All week long we have been reading stories about Easter and the children are very excited about this holiday.  In celebration of Easter, we decorated paper Easter Eggs and some even made hats out of them!

We ended the week enjoying a "cookies and milk" snack along with a few great stories this afternoon.  A big thank you to the Owens family for this fun event offered through the Blue and Gold Bash.  The kids loved it!

Dates to Remember:

Friday, April 14th- Good Friday- No School

Wednesday, April 19th- The Minnesota Zoomobile visits Preschool

Tuesday, April 25th- Lower School Art Show at 3:15 in Chapel Gallery

Friday, April 28th- Field Trip to Stages Theater to see Stone Soup

A Look into May/June:

Wednesday, May 3rd- Wear CARE Shirt Day

Thursday, May 18th- Field Trip to Galewoods Farm

Monday, May 29th- No School- Memorial Day

Friday, June 2nd- Lower School Closing Program and Reception at 1:30 (more info to come)

Birthday Wishes Reminder:

Birthday Wishes
April 6-21

We are collecting birthday celebration supplies for our local food shelf.  Families who use our local food shelf often are unable to buy extra items
that make a birthday special,like
Cake Mix & Frosting, Candles, Rice, Noodles, Cookie Mix, Pizza Crust mix,
Paper Plates & Cups. Gluten-free, Kosher and Halal items are often needed by families as well. 

If you would like to donate,
please bring items to school April 6-21.  Thanks!

Have a wonderful long weekend and Happy Easter!


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