Friday, April 21, 2017

Everyday is Earth Day!

Earth Day is tomorrow, but in preschool we celebrated all week.  We read various stories and discussed ways that we can help take care of our earth and environment.  Most importantly, the children learned that we should treat everyday like Earth Day and that they really can make a difference!

On Monday morning, the children joined in an "all preschool" nature walk to the Breck School ponds.  Both classrooms enjoyed exploring our campus together in search of signs of spring.  They noticed green grass, flower buds and even saw a few ducks and geese on the ponds.  They also noticed that the ponds are no longer covered in ice!  Getting outdoors and exploring in nature builds an appreciation and love for our earth in young children.

On Monday, the children also noticed that over the weekend their wheat grass seeds had gotten really long!  They put their scissor skills to use and gave their grass a "hair cut"...



The children have loved watching their grass grow and were thrilled to finally take it home this week.  We enjoy watching the children's natural curiosity when it comes learning about how things "grow".

More weekly highlights...

We reviewed our globe, which the children still love exploring during choice time.  They made their own earth picture by filling in a circle with blue and green tissue paper, the blue representing all of the water on our earth and the green representing the land.  The most fun part was getting to spray water from a bottle onto the tissue paper.  The tissue paper created beautiful pictures of our earth.  We also took pictures of them posing how they would stand if they were "on top of the world"!  We pasted the picture of ourselves on our own earth pictures to show how much we loved our earth.

After reading about and discussing different ways we can help take care of our environment, they each chose one thing they can do in order to help.  They wrote the words of what they can do and illustrated a picture to go with it.  They used crayon to draw their picture and once they finished, they painted blue and green water color over the crayon to look like our earth.  Ideas among the children consisted of planting a garden, recycling, riding a bike, turning off the lights and more.  The preschoolers sure know how to keep our earth happy and healthy!  Their "earth" pictures are currently hanging in the classroom.

Planting trees and gardens is one way the children learned they can be helpful to our earth.  They were extra excited about this because we have been busy doing planting of our own, as we learn all about seeds, plants and how they grow.  We continue to watch our basil seeds, which now have many sprouts coming up.  Some really interesting things have been happening to our "bean buddies" too!  On Monday, we noticed that most of our bean seeds had sprouted a root.  By Thursday, many of them had even more roots and a shoot starting to come up!  We continue to give our bean buddies lots of attention so they grow more.  The children are enjoying watching what happens to a seed when it is under the soil.

Checking on our basil seeds in the project room grow lab...

Sprouting basils seeds...

An example of a bean seed and some corn seeds we planted.  The kids have been observing, comparing and contrasting the two different seeds.  They check their bean seeds each day to make note of the growth and change they see.

On Wednesday morning, we had a wonderful visit from the Minnesota Zoomobile.  The Zoomobile brought five different Minnesota animals for the children to see and learn about.  They got to see a great horned owl,  wood turtle, hognose snake,  an opossum and a rabbit.  The presentation provided them with more information about each unique animal, their habitats and what they eat.  They were excellent listeners and had great questions for the presenter.  At the very end, they each got to pet the rabbit if they wanted.  A few pictures from a fun morning...

Since we have seen a seed start to grow "in action", the kids made their own plant sequencing books using stamps, so they can tell the story of how a plant grows.  They used their knowledge of letter sounds wrote the words seed, root, shoot, leaves and plant to match each picture.  They had fun reading their books to each other!  A few friends making their books...

The children are finished with their "pulp painting" STEAM project with Mrs. Jones.  The tissue paper part we completed last week had formed together to create a new picture, which was pretty cool!  Next week the children will start a new project in their STEAM class.  Their pictures should be ready to go home next week.

A busy and fun week!

Dates to Remember:

Tuesday, April 25th- Lower School Art Show at 3:15 in Chapel Gallery

Friday, April 28th- Field Trip to Stages Theater to see Stone Soup

A Look into May/June:

Wednesday, May 3rd- Wear CARE Shirt Day

Thursday, May 18th- Field Trip to Gale Woods Farm

Monday, May 29th- No School- Memorial Day

Friday, June 2nd- Lower School Closing Program and Reception at 1:30 (more info to come)

Have a great "Earth Day" weekend!


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