Friday, March 10, 2017

Land of 10,000 Lakes!

I'm a little leprechaun can you see?
I'm as tiny as I can be.
I only come around just once a year,
That's when St. Patrick's Day is here!

As always, the children were eager and excited to return to school after a long weekend.  Leprechauns, rainbows, pots of gold, treasure maps and ideas of leprechaun traps are currently filling the classroom.  They are pretty excited for St. Patrick's Day next week!  Today, they were writing out different plans to catch a leprechaun.

Making pretend gold and rainbows in hopes of luring a leprechaun to our room...

Oh, the imagination of preschoolers! : )

Weekly highlights...

Tuesday morning we visited the Lower School Book Fair!  They were thrilled to be able to "shop" for their own books! Happy Reading!

They enjoyed a St. Patrick's Day themed sight word scavenger hunt.  They had to look all around the room to find pictures and words that matched their paper.  Once they found them they practiced reading and writing them.

We completed our Minnesota Map project this week.  We had fun reviewing everything we have learned about Minnesota, thinking way back to the beginning of the year.  We read the book Me on the Map and reviewed what a map is and what they show us.  The book also helped us review our continents!  We talked more about what we might put on our own map of Minnesota in order to to inform others of important places, lakes, landforms, landmarks, animals and more.  The children worked hard to remember all sorts of information that is unique to our state and displayed it beautifully through illustration and even some words!  Here they are...





"Syllables are beats we hear in each and every word!"  The children learned all about syllables this week.  We practiced counting and finding syllables by clapping our hands and finding the "beat" in our names and other words.  We enjoyed learning a special "syllable" song and clapping out the number of syllables in all of our friend's names.  Most of us had two syllables in our names, but some had one or even three!  The children continue to do great with rhyming words, letter sounds and now syllables!

Later in the week, we made our own syllable class book using our "syllable song".  Each child counted the amount of syllables in their own name.  This book will join our other class favorites and the children can practice listening for syllables in each others names.  We look forward to continued practice with syllables the remainder of the year.

The second group finally got started on their "Magnificent Thing" invention.  They have been waiting for their turn and were so patient.  They came in with many ideas and got right to work.  They are just about finished with their magnificent inventions and both groups have given a name to their creation.  Our next step is to prepare for our museum!

Busy little inventors!

The biggest highlight of this week for the preschoolers was playing outside on our playground with our third grade buddies!  It was fun to watch them join in group games and run and play together.  Any day where the preschoolers get to see their buddies is the "best" day!

We can't believe that next week is already the last week of school before spring break.  Next Friday, March 17th is St. Patrick's Day and is also "wear green and white day" in Lower School if your children would like to participate.  

We also look forward to our field trip to Westwood Nature Center next Thursday, March 16th, where the children will get a hands on experience all about how maple syrup is made.  Another fun thing to do in Minnesota!  We will hope for a beautiful day, but this is an outdoor field trip so just a reminder to dress your child for the weather.

We enjoyed sharing our observations of your children during conferences last week and look forward to more growth and development this spring!

Dates to Remember:

Thursday, March 16th- Field Trip to Westwood Nature Center

Friday, March 17th- Wear Green and White Day 

Saturday, March 18th- Sunday, April 2nd- Spring Vacation- No School

Monday, April 3rd- School Reconvenes

Thursday, April 6th- Wear CARE shirts Day in Lower School

Friday, April 14th- Good Friday- No School

Wednesday, April 19th- The Minnesota Zoomobile visits Preschool

Friday, April 28th- Field Trip to Stages Theater to see Stone Soup

Have a fabulous weekend!


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