Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Green Eggs and Ham!

Winds of March, we welcome you.
There is work for you to do.
Work and play and blow all day,
Blow the winter cold away!

We enthusiastically welcomed our new month of March today!  We read our March poem and are hoping that the wind will blow all of the winter cold away and leave us some spring weather.  The children also noticed St. Patrick's Day marked on the calendar for this month.  They are excited for this holiday and now our heart cutting has been turned into "clover" cutting.  They did learn that they can still use hearts to make clovers!

This first day of March also brought us snow, which most of the children were excited to see!

A few highlights from a short week...

Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss (on March 2nd)!  We continued to read his stories this week.  The children absolutely love them!  In honor of his birthday, we made Dr. Seuss "Cat in the Hat" glyphs, answering questions all about our Dr. Seuss favorites.  The glyph questions also had us review story elements.  Our hats turned out great and we interpreted our data after they were all finished.

During choice time, the children love looking at their glyphs and compare and contrast each others.  From looking at our glyphs we noticed..

-The Cat in the Hat was the overall favorite Dr. Seuss book.
-8 of us like the rhyming words, 4 of us like the characters and 4 of us like the illustrations in his books best.
-The Cat in the the Hat and The Grinch were the overall class favorite characters.
-8 of us liked Cat and Hat as our favorite rhyming words and 8 of us like like fox and socks as our favorite rhyming words.
-Most of us prefer to read fiction books!

We painted our monarch butterflies with orange water color.   We continue to work in our Symbols of Minnesota books, they are almost complete!  Here are a few examples of our butterflies...


In the project room the first group finally finished up their "Magnificent Thing Inventions"!  They each made a sign for their project giving it a title and telling us what their invention does.  We talked about the process of making their invention and most found their idea evolved and changed as they tinkered and designed with the materials.  They also did a great job of taking their time to create and make appropriate changes.  The short week did not allow for group two to begin, but they will start their projects on Monday morning!  After group two finishes, we are excited to display our work for everyone to see.

We look forward to sharing our observations of your wonderful children at conferences this week.  Please come with any questions or observations of your child you would like to discuss as well.  Thank you!

Dates to Remember:

Thursday, March 2nd- Conferences- No School

Friday, March 3rd- Conferences- No School

Week of March 6-9th- Lower School Book Fair (Preschoolers will pick out books during their scheduled library time)

Thursday, March 16th- Field Trip to Westwood Nature Center

Saturday, March 18th- Sunday, April 2nd- Spring Vacation- No School

Monday, April 3rd- School Reconvenes

Have a great weekend!


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