Friday, February 10, 2017

Fantastic February

If I could be the postman
For just one single time,
I'd choose to carry Valentines
So lovely and so fine.
I would not mind the heavy load,
Or mind my tired feet.
If I could scatter happiness
All up and down the street!

The preschoolers have been busy sharing "happiness" with each other and people among the Breck community.  The mailbox in the classroom continues to be a favorite activity and the children are writing such kind messages to each other.  Some examples include, "I love to play with you", "You are a nice friend" and "I love to play games with you".  

On Tuesday morning, we got together with our third grade buddies and made valentines together.  We talked about how giving valentines is a nice way to show someone you appreciate them.  Instead of just thinking of our friends this time, we thought about others among the school we could make valentines for to show our appreciation.  The buddies worked together and made valentines for teachers, bus drivers, our lunch helpers, custodial staff and more!  They were all very thoughtful with their words in sharing why these people are important among our community.  A wonderful morning as always!

Our Valentine bags are officially starting to fill up!  Please have your child bring their valentines by Monday, February 13th.  No food items please!  Thank you!

More weekly highlights...

The children have been introduced to all of our Minnesota State symbols.  They started working on their very own "Symbols of Minnesota" book.  They are working hard to illustrate a picture of each symbol and are using their knowledge of letter sounds to write the words.  We will continue to work on our books as we learn more about Minnesota and have them completed by spring vacation.  The children often sit with each other during choice time and re-read our class library Minnesota books, remembering all of the neat facts we have learned and asking more questions!


We continued our collaborative project room challenge this week.  First, we completed the painting portion of our picture.  Next, we used a few other art materials such as tissue paper and tinfoil that represented more snow and ice for our mural.  We had a great discussion about what our winter scene needed to make it look like winter in Minnesota.  Our discussion revolved around nature, animals and things we do in winter.  The children got busy constructing trees, animals and people doing winter activities.  Here they are working...

Later, we added our winter creations to our mural and picked the perfect places for them...

Check out the the finished product!  "Winter in Minnesota" by the Breck Preschoolers!

Along with our collaborative winter mural, we all thought of a favorite winter memory from this year.  We talked about what a memory is, which the children defined as something that has already happened.  We shared in conversation about some of our favorite winter memories, closing our eyes and visualizing as many details as we could remember.  We thought about the weather, the people we were with, what made that memory such a special one and more.  Afterward, we each created a picture of our favorite memory and tried to include those details we shared.  We used crayon and water color to help illustrate our memories.  Their pictures are currently on display next to our collaborate mural!

We completed "candy heart math"!  The children each got their own cup of candy hearts and the goal was to figure out how many they had of each color.  First, they used a sorting mat to help organize their hearts by color.  They made predictions about what color they might have the most and least of by looking at the sorted piles.  Next, they used a graph to help count and record their data.  They lined up the different colored hearts on their graphs to help figure out how many they had of each color.  They interpreted their data by looking at their individual graphs and seeing how many they had of each color, what color they had the most of, what color they had the least of, which colors were the same amount and more.  Some children enjoyed counting how many hearts they had all together!  A few examples...



We ended the week trying to figure out how long a uni-fix cube chain would be if we used every single one from the box!  It was the preschoolers idea so we decided to test it out.  They used teamwork and in the end, they discovered it went from the far side of our classroom all the way to the middle of the hall!  Now, they want to know how many uni-fix cubes there are all together in the box.  Maybe a challenge for next week... : )

We also enjoyed a little extra outdoor play time on this warm, winter day!

Dates to Remember:

Tuesday, February 14th- Valentine's Day Celebration (***A friendly reminder to have valentines at school by Monday, February 13th.  Please do not include candy or other food items.***)  This day is also wear RED, WHITE and PINK Day!

Friday, February 17th- Faculty Workshop-No School

February 20th- Presidents' Day- No School

A Look Ahead:

Thursday, March 2nd- Conferences- No School

Friday, March 3rd- Conferences- No School

Thursday, March 16th- Field Trip to Westwood Nature Center

Saturday, March 18th- Sunday, April 2nd- Spring Vacation- No School

Monday, April 3rd- School Reconvenes

Enjoy the beautiful weekend!


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