Friday, January 20, 2017

A WARM January Week!

Five little snowmen standing in a row,
Five little snowmen all made of snow.
Out came the sun and stayed all day,
And one little snowman melted away!

The snowmen really were melting away this week with the warm January weather!  We enjoyed singing this poem and doing some simple subtraction as we took one snowman away every time we sang it.  We also had to find the number word that changed each time and used our knowledge of beginning and ending sounds to find the correct word.  We could hear and see a few rhyming words and many letter "Ss" words.  We counted certain sight words in the poem too!


Fun in the sun!  What a nice change to have some warmer weather in January.  The playground was a little wet and muddy, but it didn't stop the preschoolers from running, digging and playing!

Weekly highlights...

Rhyming continues to be a skill we practice daily with the children through song, poetry and stories.  The children know rhyming words are words that sound the same at the end, but have different beginning sounds.  We read the books Duck in the Truck and Sheep Take a Hike and the children helped read it by predicting the rhymes.  They also generated more rhyming words from the books afterward.  They have been enjoying a few new rhyming materials during work time.  Some examples include matching objects that rhyme with specific pictures in a sentence and "rhyming houses" where the children drop words that rhyme in the correct house.


Snow is always a topic of discussion among the preschoolers this time of year and it is incorporated in our studies of Minnesota and winter.  We read some books about snowflakes and learned about the different types and how they are formed.  The children discovered that all snowflakes have six sides and no two snowflakes are the same.  We looked at pictures of real snowflakes and discovered that they are made of many different shapes and a lot of them have a hexagon in the middle!  The children noticed that the snowflakes were also symmetrical.  Using a favorite classroom material, our attribute blocks, we designed our own unique snowflakes using patterning and counting strategies as we created.  All of our snowflakes turned out different, just like the real ones!  The children are becoming observers of the world and are realizing that patterns and shapes really can be found everywhere...even in nature!

We continue to practice using scissors and the children are doing great.  They had fun cutting out different snowmen and making all sorts of different patterns with them on paper.


Buddy time is the best!  Taking time to enjoy books in the library is one of our favorite things to do with our buddies.  The third graders are wonderful at stopping to ask questions about the books they read with the preschoolers.  It is fun to walk around and here their conversation about books.  A few friends reading together...

The project room is a favorite place for the children and it is a place where we truly get to see their imaginations and ideas come to life.  This week, we had time to do some exploring with large blocks, large pattern block shapes and roads.  With them they created houses, maps and cities with tall buildings.   They also took turns performing "shows" with the puppet theater!  The wonderful thing about our project room is that it provides the children with a variety of  learning opportunities and experiences structured in different ways.  Some projects are more structured while others are open ended and lead by the children.  From STEAM work to music and literacy to imaginary exploration with big blocks and puppet theaters, all are very beneficial for children and their development.

While half of the group explored in the project room this week, the other half stayed in the classroom for some quality one-on-one work time.  Each child continues to develop and grow at their own pace and that individual time allows us to meet their needs where they are at.

The children are loving learning all about Minnesota, but are especially fascinated with animals that live in our state.  We have been keeping our bird feeder filled and often stop to watch the birds that come to our feeder!  Monday brings a visit from the Raptor Center where they will bring in real raptors that live in Minnesota for the children see and learn about.  We started talked about raptors today and learned that they are birds of prey that eat meat.  We can't wait for the Raptor Center visit!  Next week, we will also begin learning more about the symbols of Minnesota and why they are unique to our state.

Dates to Remember:

Monday, January 23rd- Visit from the Raptor Center

Wednesday, February 1st- Lower School CARE shirt day

Tuesday, February 14th- Valentine's Day Celebration 

Friday, February 17th- Faculty Workshop-No School

February 20th- Presidents' Day- No School

A note from Ms. Zosel:

Calling all BOXTOPS!  Please bring in boxtops by Feb. 14.  Containers are located near door D in the Middle School.  The money raised by boxtops supports student led Philanthropy Projects.  They do expire, so please bring them so that we can redeem them.  Thanks!


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