Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Welcome October!

Happy October!

A collaborative work of art the preschooler made in artville titled: "Preschool Orchard"

Our month of October has brought a new level of excitement to the classroom.  Conversations of pumpkins, changing leaves and halloween have filled the room.  The children entered the classroom Monday morning and noticed the month on the calendar had changed right away.  They continue to draw apples at the art table but have added pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns to the mix!  Playing with falling leaves on the playground has also been a big highlight this week...

We read our "October Poem" and the children enjoyed listening to it with their eyes closed.  They had to picture what the poem was about in their heads.  We talked about how with poems, it is fun to make up our own pictures in our minds.  Our "poem pictures" included thoughts of sitting cozy by a bonfire, leaves of many colors falling from trees, leaves on the playground, pumpkins and more.  

Highlights from a short week...

We began the week with a beautiful nature walk on a fabulous fall Monday.  We walked to two different ponds and looked for signs of fall!  We used our "eagle eyes" and "listening ears" to notice what animals might be doing in nature this time of year.  We talked about what will start to change even more as we move further into our month of October.  We stopped to pick up some "fall artifacts" and sticks to bring back to the room.  The children have loved looking at the changing leaves we found and we plan to use the sticks for different activities throughout this fall.  Pictures from a fun morning...


Walking to the dock to observe one of the ponds.  They children loved that it was all green and covered in algae...or "allergies" as they kept saying...: )

We continued on and stopped at what the children called the "tornado tree" because of it's twisted trunk and branches.  The really exciting part was spotting a bird nest on a branch!  

A great first nature walk to the ponds!

We reviewed all we have learned about apples as we get ready to move on to a more in depth study of pumpkins and fall next week.  We made an "apple glyph"!  A glyph is a picture graph that tells information about our very own self.  Glyphs are a great activity that involve math, literacy, small motor tasks, following directions and more.  We try and do a different one every month according to our studies and themes.  With this glyph, the children answered four questions about themselves and their apple favorites.  We had fun discussing our answers and interpreting the data on all of our friends glyphs.

From our glyphs we learned...

-We have more girls than boys in our class.
-11 of us are 4 years old 5 of us are 5 years old.
-Most of us like to eat apples cut into slices.
-7 of us like sour apples best and 9 of us like sweet apples best.

On Tuesday morning we had our first mindfulness lesson with Mrs. Heurung, our Lower School Counselor.  Mindfulness teaches children strategies they can use to regulate emotions, gain self-control, focus and more.  In her first lesson with the children they listened to a story about being mindful and talked about different feelings.  We all took a "mindful moment" together by closing are eyes and focusing on our breathing.  Mindfulness is incorporated in everything we do and we look forward to our lessons with Mrs. Heurung on every day 2 in the morning.

Taking a "mindful moment"...

Today we gave the children a challenge in the project room!  The challenge was to use a project room material and build something that could go across the entire room.  Prior to the project we discussed our ideas and thoughts about how we might complete the task.  The children agreed that teamwork and flexibility would be two important traits to demonstrate!  They got busy and here is what they did...


They built in all different directions figuring out how to make their lines turn as they went.  A few friends also started experimenting with creating different shapes and structures!  This was our first time using this material in the project room and we look forward to utilizing it in other ways soon!

October brings more excitement and learning in preschool!

Dates to Remember:

Thursday, October 6th and Friday, October 7th- Conferences-No School

Tuesday, October 11th- Wear CARE T-shirt to school

Thursday October 20th and Friday, October 21st- Faculty Workshop- No School

Monday, October 24th- Field Trip to Pumpkin Patch at Apple Jack Orchards

Friday, October 28th- Richfield Readers visit Preschool

Monday, October 31st- Halloween Parade and Class Party


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