Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Leaves, Leaves, Everywhere!

Down, Down!
Yellow and Brown,
The leaves are falling,
All over the town.

We enjoyed singing this song and pretended to be the leaves floating to the ground.  We observed that when leaves fall they gently float and land, so we did the same with our hands and bodies!

Highlights from our short week...

We started off Monday morning with a leaf walk around our Breck campus.  Before our walk, we enjoyed the book Leaf Man, by Lois Ehlert.  It is a beautiful book that talks about different leaves, their shape and where the wind might be carrying them.  Most of the leaves presented in the book can be found on our Breck campus.  During the week, we also read the book Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf by the same author, Lois Ehlert, which is another beautiful book about changing leaves.  Our walk and stories started great conversation about why leaves are changing color and falling from the trees.  The children are so inquisitive!

As soon as we stepped outdoors the children were quick to notice the colorful leaves falling from trees and the crunchy sound they made when walking in them.  We had a delightful time making observations, collecting leaves and identifying the different types as well.  We found maple, white oak, birch, poplar, elm, gingko leaves and more!  The children especially enjoyed searching for the different colors in the trees pointing out orange, brown, red, yellow and even purple!  Pictures from a beautiful morning...



Next, we had fun comparing and contrasting the different leaves we found.  We sorted through them and pointed out the round, pointy, smooth and bumpy characteristics that made each leaf unique.  We also sorted them by size and color.  One example of our sorting...

After looking at all of the leaves we collected, we found we had the most of gingko, maple, elm and white oak.  We graphed our favorite.

The overall favorite leaf was...

The MAPLE LEAF!  The children love the red color, star shape and pointy edges!

We got busy in the classroom with all of the leaves we found, making our own leaf self-portraits!  We talked about how our leaf self-portraits would need a head, body, two legs and two arms.  We created our leaf portraits on the table first, experimenting with different leaves.  Lastly, we placed them on special "sticky" paper and used a marker to add features to our face.  Their leaf people turned out great!


Our beautiful leaf portraits are on display in the classroom...

Leaves, leaves, everywhere!

A collection of leaves remains in the science center for observing, sorting, counting and categorizing.

We ended the short week making our "October Glyph", which are jack-o-lanterns.  This glyph incorporated questions about our pumpkin studies and favorites!  We looked and listened for different letter sounds and words as we answered the questions.  A few examples of completed glyphs....

We continue to prepare for our pumpkin patch trip, which is on Monday, October 24th.  The children have enjoyed observing some different sized pumpkins and gourds in our science center.  We noticed that pumpkins can come in all different shapes, sizes and colors too!  They can't wait for our field trip on Monday morning!


More pumpkin investigation, Fall fun and experimenting in the project room to come next week!

Dates to Remember:

Thursday, October 20th and Friday, October 21st- Faculty Workshop- No School

Monday, October 24th- Field Trip to Pumpkin Patch at Apple Jack Orchards

Friday, October 28th- Richfield Readers visit Preschool

Monday, October 31st- Halloween Parade and Class Party

A note about Halloween:  We are looking forward to celebrating Halloween on Monday, October 31st.  There is a Halloween parade for all of Lower School that begins at 8:40 in the morning, so please send your child to school in their costume.  Send a change of clothes along and they can change out of their costume after the parade.  The parade will begin in Lower School and end in Anderson Gym for a Halloween Sing-A-Long.  There will be seating for parents in the Anderson Gym.  It is a fun morning and all are invited to watch.  Please come if you are able! 

A note from our Lower School Chaplin Ms. Zosel:

​Hello Families,  We wanted to make sure that EVERYONE knows they are invited to participate in "Breck Scares Hunger".  We are working together throughout all divisions to collect 14,000 pounds of food to help stock local food shelves.  

Incentives for Lower School:
4 tons - extra recess
6 tons - The bounce house will show up at a recess
7 tons - Mr. Kim will camp out in the Headmaster's Garden, and wear pajamas all day.  Top participants will join him for breakfast, and everyone gets a pajama day!

Please bring donations to US or MS/LS entrances to be weighed on Oct. 31Nov. 1, or Nov. 2, before school, 7:45-8:30 AM. Donations can also be brought to school on Sunday, Oct. 301-4 PM, LS/MS entrance.

We can do this! Go team!
Have a great long weekend!


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