Friday, September 16, 2016

Go Mustangs!

Go Breck Mustangs!  Happy Homecoming!

It was fun celebrating blue and gold day today in honor of Breck Homecoming.  We walked through all of the decorations in the Upper School hallway and even got to see the homecoming court walk through the chapel link this afternoon!  Here we are in all our blue and gold...

Waiting to see the homecoming court...

We sure have been busy "preschool scientists" this week!  Check out our science investigations and explorations...

We had a friend bring in some worms for us to look at.  The children enjoyed observing them move around before we brought them outside to the playground.  They had lots of great questions...what do they eat?  Why do they live in dirt?  Why do some birds like to eat worms?  How do they move?

We also found a grasshopper on the playground that quickly became a fascinating friend for everyone to see.  We all observed it and then found a good home for it in a quiet place on the grass.

We helped plant a preschool butterfly garden!  The garden contains plants that are native to Minnesota, which will be incorporated in our studies of our state throughout the year.  The plants we are growing will also hopefully attract some monarchs!  We had a great conversation about what our garden will need which the children mentioned was water, sun, soil and last but not  They sure had fun getting their hands dirty and using teamwork to dig holes and plant flowers.  The garden will be so fun to watch grow this year and they get to be the ones to take care of it...that also includes weeding!  The garden is still a work in progress, but we managed to get quite a few plants in this week...



We brought our gardening experience into the classroom and had some fun and messy sensory exploration with dirt.  We compared and contrasted the way it felt to the sand.  They all agreed the dirt was a bit more messy and wet.  Since they are going to be the preschool garden helpers, we figured they should get used being a little dirty!


More highlights from the week...

We started off the week by looking at the letters in our own names.  We sorted letters and found each letter in our own names, talked about the sounds they made and glued them on a special paper with our pictures.  We also counted the amount of letters in our names.  We put all of our pictures in a class book that the children already love to read and look at.  Throughout the year, we will be looking at our own names, friends names and environmental print to learn about letter sounds.


A focus in the room this week was "All about me".  We read and studied a few books such as I Like Me by Nancy Carlson, I Like Myself! by Karen Beaumont, ABC I Like Me by Nancy Carlson and The It's Okay to be Different Book by Todd Parr, to name a few.  We had great conversation through these stories about our similarities, differences, what we like about ourselves on the inside and outside, what we like doing, what we think we are good at and more.   The children all shared things they liked about themselves, which included how they liked their eye color, the way their hair looked, their white teeth, the way they talked, and more.

We had great discussion about the importance of celebrating of our differences.  Our differences makes us unique and that is great!  We drew pictures of ourselves by looking in a mirror and highlighting our features that make us special.  We matched crayons to our skin color, looked at our eye color, hair color and more.  Our self portraits turned out great and are on display in the classroom.



On Wednesday morning, we met our 3rd grade buddies for the very first time!  We are buddies with Mrs. Moore's 3rd grade class and will be with them every other day 6 in the morning.  There were smiles all around, great conversation and laughter as the 3rd graders and preschoolers completed a "get to know you" project using a venn diagram.  They talked about ways they are alike and different, which fit in perfectly with our "all about me" studies this week.  We look forward to many more projects and adventures with our new friends this year.

Lastly, we ended the week learning how to use scissors in small groups.  We learned a poem to remember how we hold the scissors and move them.  It goes:  Two fingers on the bottom, and the thumb on top. Open the mouth and go chop, chop, chop!  The children practiced cutting different shaped lines and glued them on their paper to make collages and other designs.  We were impressed with their cutting skills!

A few examples of our cutting collages...

We read a story and started singing some songs about apples in anticipation of our field trip to Minnetonka Apple Orchard next Wednesday, September 21st.  The children are so excited!  This is an outdoor field trip, so please dress your child accordingly.  We are eager to dive deeper into our study of apples next week.  The first day of fall is also next Thursday, September 22nd, which the children are also anticipating!

Dates to Remember:

Tuesday, September 20th- Picture Day

Wednesday, September 21st- Field Trip to the Minnetonka Apple Orchard

Thursday, October 6th and Friday October 7th- Conferences-No School

Have a great weekend!


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