Friday, September 9, 2016

Diving into Preschool!

Thank you for attending Back to School Night if you were able.  If you weren't able to join, don't hesitate to ask any questions that may arise!  We appreciate your support and look forward to a fun year working together.

What an incredible start to the school year we have had!  The children entered week two of school eager, excited and ready to learn.  We continue to enjoy getting to know the children and are truly so lucky to spend the day with them.  Here are some busy children loving school...



The classroom environment has been arranged to to enrich the children's academic, creative and social and emotional needs.  As we stated last night, the materials will change frequently throughout the year as the children's developmental and academic needs change.  They are learning how to be independent in the classroom and are realizing there is a lot to discover in the preschool room!  A few new activities were introduced this week and the children have been enthralled in them.

Highlights from our week...

Exploring size, shape, height, thick, thin and dimension with the knobbed cylinders, which are a wonderful sensorial material..


The children LOVE our sand table and have been busy making discoveries with different measuring tools, utensils, funnels and cups!


Exercising our fingers with more play dough fun this week!  Play dough is great for strengthening those small motor skills the children will be using for writing, drawing and cutting with scissors...

We are learning many new routines and the children are doing fabulous!  Every morning we gather as a class in our morning meeting.  We always greet each other, sing a welcome song, share the calendar, number of the day, the weather, read our schedule and count our daily question.  The children have learned quite a few new songs and rhymes that keep our morning meeting extra engaging!

Answering the "question of the day".  There is a new one everyday!  We incorporate our study of letter sounds and words in our question throughout the year.

Reviewing our morning meeting routine!  This has been a wonderful time to build community in the classroom as the children participate in name games, songs, poems, greetings, stories and more. 

Practicing each others names with a fun name poem we read as a class.  We had fun changing the poem for each child in the class.

A big highlight was using our preschool project room this week!  We plan to use the room for many learning objectives throughout the year.  It might be used for collaborate art projects, STEAM, sensory fun, building challenges...the options are endless!    

We have been walking all around our school and getting to know where things are, so we thought it might be fun to try and build our own Breck School in the project room!  Half of our class and half of Mr. Thayer's preschool class worked together at a time and we were IMPRESSED!  The first group built the chapel and the roads, ponds and trees at Breck.  The second group wanted to make the rooms they visit such as art and gym, the playground and design signs to label all of the places.  The children worked together beautifully and had to use teamwork and collaboration in order to accomplish their ideas and goals.  The blocks fell over a few times, but they helped each other build again.  We think this room is going to provide some wonderful learning opportunities throughout the year, as it already has in the first week!   

ALL the preschoolers gathered to share ideas...

The first group used materials to create the chapel, roads, trees, and ponds... 

The second group got busy with materials adding on classrooms, designing signs, and building the playground...

Too much fun!  The next step will be...CLEAN UP! : )

On Thursday morning we went on a short nature walk on our Breck campus.  It was a beautiful morning so why not spend it outside exploring!  We walked through the wild flowers and into the meditation garden.  We looked for a few signs of fall coming and found some yellow leaves on the ground.  We go on nature walks frequently throughout the year as all of our science studies take place outdoors.  This was the first of our many days exploring together!

The next few weeks will bring more fun and learning as we begin our study of APPLES!  A favorite field trip is to Minnetonka Apple Orchard on Wednesday, September 21st.  Throughout the month of September the children learn all about fall harvest in Minnesota, as part of our study of the seasons.  We will be sharing in apple poems, songs, books, counting, tasting, graphing and more!  Soon we will be looking for more signs of fall all around our Breck campus.

"All about ME" is another theme this month as we highlight all of our traits and interests that make each of us unique through drawing, sharing and stories.

Dates to Remember:

Friday, September 16th- Wear Blue and Gold Day 

Saturday, September 17th- Blessing of the Animals and Breck Homecoming

Tuesday, September 20th- Picture Day

Wednesday, September 21st- Field Trip to the Minnetonka Apple Orchard

Thursday, October 6th and Friday October 7th- Conferences-No School

Have a wonderful weekend!


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